We create appealing and informative videos. You get sales and visibility. 

Like most people, this might not be the first time you thought about having a video on your company’s website. You probably saw some really catchy and inspiring videos that even tempted you to buy their products. You might be trying to figure out what you could do to make your company stand out more, what you could do to dramatically increase sales.

Maybe you were worried about the cost, or didn’t have the time to find the right video agency to make one for you. Maybe you didn’t know the benefits of an animated explainer video and how powerful it can be to boost sales in your company. Well you have come to the right place, because at Real Good Videos we are committed to creating the most enticing sales videos that help businesses like yours tell their unique story in a way that massively attracts customers who are super excited about your brand. 

What is an Animated Explainer video?

Animated explainer videos are short videos that quickly and effectively explain who you are, what you are offering and why people want to buy it. They are the simplest and clearest marketing and educational tool that your business can have to SHOW your audience exactly what it is that you have to offer. Explainers effectively express any concept, no matter how complex it might be, in a quick, easy and user friendly way. 

What are the benefits?

  • Increase sales and conversion rates
  • Define your brand in a powerful and unforgettable way
  • Increase viewers to your website
  • Boost engagement on social media
  • Rank higher on google
  • Video assets often provide the best ROI of marketing materials
  • Increase message retention and understanding from your audience
  • Drastically increase your email click-through rates
  • Less support requests from your customers
  • Easy to share and post anywhere online or use at live events
  • People love them
  • Easily grabs your audiences attention and saves them time from reading your website
  • Give your perfect pitch anytime, anywhere
  • Convey your company story in an inspiring way


2D Animated Explainer Videos

Explain everything about your brand and what you have to offer in a matter of seconds while entertaining and inspiring your audience.
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An explainer video is a short, simple and to the point animated video that instantly expresses your brand’s story and products in an unforgettable way. Explainers are popular for many businesses, but they are especially effective for companies that provide services which are difficult to describe in a clear, concise way to the general public.

Whiteboard Animation

The author of this story draws everything out with a pen and whiteboard while telling an illustrated story.
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These videos features an author physically drawing out the story while explaining what it is and how it works. The animations include whiteboard, markers and vocal explanations to really “spell it out” for you. These are our affordable, budget friendly videos that are super engaging and massively trending right now.

Company Story

Express your brand’s unique story in a compelling medium that inspires and informs.
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Don’t you love it when you hear a company’s story that really touches your heart and inspires you to get involved? Video is the best way to convey your story as your audience sees it all happen right before their eyes. We can gear your video towards telling your story in an impactful and meaningful way.

Marketing and Promo Videos

Promote your products and services with an animated explainer video using an angle that attracts potential customers.
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One of the best things about explainer videos is that they are so easily shareable. This is key for marketing and promotion. Thousands of brands use video for their marketing purposes because it is the most popular medium in today’s world. Share your video on all the social media platforms and watch it go viral while educating the masses about your company. We can craft your explainer video to appeal to your exact target audience while implementing sales tactics and marketing strategies that are fun and non-abrasive.

Educational Videos

Explainers are great for teaching your audience different skills, how things work or for training purposes.
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We can gear your video towards educating your audience about whatever you need. Often companies need “how-to” videos to explain how to setup or use their products. With a short video you can save your customers from frustration of not being able to figure it out and save your customer service team from getting bombarded with help calls. Or maybe you are doing a presentation at a conference and need a video that will teach the audience a particular skill that you are sharing. Non-profit and academic organizations can always benefit from an explainer video that can educate in a clear and understanding way.

3D Explainers

Put your viewer in the middle of the experience through virtual reality simulations

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Explainer videos can be much more realistic and impressive in 3D because it gives your potential customers to experience your story and products more fully than a 2D video. These are especially powerful to use as a commercial or social media ad!

Who needs them?

Any business or organization can for sure benefit!

The top industries that REALLY need an explainer video include but are not limited to: