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What Makes Them Interactive?

Interactive videos allow your viewers to choose what they are interested in and continue on to videos that are relevant to that. Ask them questions, see how they respond, and then dive deeper into those topics! Make it easy for people to instantly complete your CTA by including buttons within the video that allow your viewers to do so many things such as: subscribe to an email list, go to your sales page, buy your product or sign up for your program/ demo/ webinar and more!

Why Companies Need It?

When you post one single video to a massive audience, it might not relate to every single person that is watching. With an interactive video, your can speak to a targeted audience and offer valuable content and solutions that are just right for them! Boost your conversion rates, increase sales and grow your list; Interactive videos offer an incredible ROI for your content marketing strategies. 

What Interactive Videos can do for You!

Boost Clicks

Increase how many people click through to your website, your landing page, your online shop; whatever CTA you have, include a button for it and your viewers can go there right away!


Build Your List

Offer your lead magnet right from the video and gather their email addresses easily without sending them anywhere else. Even add an email subscribe button onto your video while you are speaking!

Gather Customers

Showcase your products, explain your services and offer ways for people to buy and sign up right from animated buttons on your interactive video!

Target Your Audience

You can ask questions like, “Are you looking for ____ or _____” or “Are you interested in ____ or ____?” With this technology, they will be able to answer the question by clicking a button and continuing on to the next video with content that is specialized just for them! 


Provide a sequence of educational videos for your e-learning course. Even include a menu of topics, let your viewers choose what they want to learn about first and then there they go to watch the relevant content. 


Tailored Marketing

Have a couple different types of clients? No problem! With an interactive video you can tailor your marketing and promo videos to the exact demographic and role that is watching the video! 

Grow Your Followers

Within your interactive video you can easily share your social media accounts so it’s easy for your viewers to follow you with a simple click right from the video!

Onboard Clients

Create an interactive video that hosts all of your onboarding training videos so that your customers can go through them step by step or they can select which features they would like to learn about first!

Offer a Special Bonus

You can offer a bonus at the end of the video to give your audience a reason to complete the full video. Incentivize your viewers to do a particular action (subscribe, share or sign up) before they can continue on to your special offer!

How does it work?

Getting an interactive video made with Real Good Videos is as easy as 1-2-3. We help you brainstorm your video topic and find the best way to guide your viewers on an interactive video journey that provides them with the most value and inspires them to take action. We take care of scriptwriting, video editing and thumbnail design as well as formatting, packaging and hosting your interactive video!

"Real Good Videos was absolutely a pleasure to work with! I needed an interactive video for my website and they delivered exactly what I was looking for. They made the entire process very easy and simplified. I would be happy to recommend them and will hopefully get the opportunity to work with them again soon!"

– Jenna Banks | Author and Thought Leader

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