Not Just Another Animated Video Agency...
We Create Videos That Bring Your Brand to Life in a Way That People REMEMBER and Feel COMPELLED to Work With.


Our vision when we partner with a company is to improve their overall marketing and educational activities with consistent, branded videos that provide measurable results overtime. Our comprehensive video marketing strategies are executed with animated videos that include effective scripting, unique storyboarding, and engaging animations. 

We ensure that your videos are speaking to the right person, at the right time and about the right content. That is why we are passionate about creating videos that fulfill each marketing goal with customization, branding and stupid simple content. 

Our videos can touch on each aspect of your business or sales cycle so that your prospects and customers understand the full picture. The reason why we get up every day and create real good videos is because we enjoy bringing high impact brands to life in a way that impresses others and makes us proud. 

When you work with us, you can feel good knowing that we have a much larger vision for your company and how it can express itself visually through video than you could have ever imagined.

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The Mission of Real Good Videos is to create videos that work for you. Our strategic and compelling videos make your sales and marketing efforts more effective and engaging, so that you can work less. 

As a fast growing video production agency, we know how to visually move your audience to sign up, buy, engage and understand. Our bread and butter is to take complex systems and make them simple and digestible. 

When you partner with us you can rest easy knowing that your company can share its message without overwhelming or confusing anybody. Mission accomplished


Real Good Videos was founded by former educator, Michelle Pitcher, shortly after becoming a full time mom. Michelle has always been a very innovative person and she wanted to use her storytelling skills and creativity in a way that would make an impact and help others. With a lot of determination and motivation, her dream was to create a video production agency that was unique and which would stand out, while providing the best videos on the market for companies that need it.


Michelle has successfully grown the agency to now become home to an ever evolving team of almost 50 scriptwriters, illustrators, animators, voiceover artists and video editors to produce top notch, unique videos.

Michelle has cherry picked her video production team to include the best talent, with an edge on the market + so many years of experience. You can expect for us to exceed your expectations, and you will find that we are very easy to work with. With our creative guidance, quick responses and transparent communication; you will find that it’s just smooth sailing from here on out.

Want To Join Our Team?

Because Real Good Videos is gaining lots of traction this year we are always looking for new talent to join our growing team to help us produce amazing video content.

We like to work with the most highly specialized people in each field, and with those who are in alignment with our company’s mission.     

Do you have a skill in video production that you would like to share? Other positions include: sales, marketing, project management and social media management.

Get in touch with us today at to see if it is a fit for us to work together!

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