What Does It Look Like Getting Started With Real Good Videos?

We’ll help turn your ideas into high-converting videos with our easy 4-step creation process. This simple approach prevents unnecessary back-and-forth so you can receive premium-quality videos without communication headaches or having to commit a lot of time on the project.

Discovery and Scriptwriting:

In the discovery session, we dive deep into your brand’s mission, goals, and target audience. We help you identify the key factors that need to be addressed in your video and how to get the point across fast and effectively so that you can achieve the highest results from your video.

Our expert writers transform your complex ideas into an easy-to-understand script that matches your brand’s persona and communicates your value proposition in a way that people cannot resist.

Discovery And Scriptwriting


During the storyboarding process, we create graphics that perfectly illustrate the essence of your brand. Our storyboards are branded to your company, include unique and detailed designs, characters and scenes and most importantly they appeal to your audience so that you get noticed and listened to in the busy online world.

We then present the graphics for your approval to eliminate any chance of receiving a video you aren’t 100% satisfied with.


Our animators have a knack for creating professional animations that position your brand as a trusted authority figure. We bring your storyboard to life with eye-catching scenes that your audience will find fun and exciting. Animating a video professionally is not for amateurs, and you can feel proud to share our animated videos that include complex, detailed and super smooth animations so that your viewers can feel immersed in the experience and impressed.

Voiceover, Music, And Sound Effects

Voiceover, Music, and Sound Effects

Having a professional voice artist narrate your animated video adds power and authority. The voiceover can make or break your video and we only work with the most professional and best sounding voices, to ensure that your video has the exact mood and feel that you want.

We partner the crisp voiceover with high-quality background music and sound effects so that the impact of your animated video is clearly felt by your audience with each and every detail.

Our “Unlimited Revisions” Satisfaction Guarantee

Enjoy peace of mind with our unlimited revision guarantee. If the final product isn’t exactly what you expected – we will continue to make revisions until you are 100% satisfied.

Our videos are only produced in high quality and we offer lower prices than our competitors. You don’t have to worry about any hidden fees, as we are very transparent in our pricing and we never tack on any additional fees as you go with the project.

Let us know if you have a tight deadline and need your video fast, as we do have rush order delivery options as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

We strive to make your experience getting an explainer video for your company simple, easy and fun! Questions?

Why Real Good Videos?

We use only the most experienced and talented animators to create our videos while leaving the scriptwriting, storyboarding and voice overs to the experts. Our mission is to create unique and high quality videos that really stand out and get noticed. We understand that people want value for their money, so we make only the best quality videos for the lowest price possible.  

How much does an animated video cost?

To make it easy we offer three video packages that include everything you need for your all star promo video. The prices vary depending on the level of quality and the duration of time. All prices are fixed with no hidden fees and you will find them in our services page. If you have special requirements or needs you can fill out the form to get a quote and we will clarify all the details and provide a competitive offer to you. 


Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds for videos that we already made because we put in a lot of time and money in order to create it for you. However, if you are not satisfied with your video, we will continue to do unlimited revisions on it until you are fully satisfied 🙂

What do we do after we sign up for a video?

After you purchase your video, we will send you a thorough questionnaire. Here we will ask details about your brand, products, services, goals, target audience, the message you want to convey and of course all the little details like mood, voice, music, logo and call to action. Then we will get to work and you can sit back. We will check in with you throughout the process for revisions and updates. 

Do you offer discounts if we buy multiple videos?

We will give you 10% off of the total if you decide to buy 3 videos or more! This works out well if you need an educational series for a conference or a new program that you setup. Or if you want to use it for marketing for different platforms and directed towards different audiences. 

How long will it take to get my video?

We try to get the videos out as soon as possible however with our team working hard on lots of projects and making sure that we give you the best quality, you are looking at about 2-3 weeks for the whiteboard explainer, 3-4 weeks for the  normal explainer and about 4-5 weeks for the premium customized videos. 

Who owns the rights to the video?

You will have full ownership and rights to the video to use as you please! 

What if I already have a script?

If you already have a script written, we can absolutely use it to get your video done. For this we will reduce the price of your video, so make sure to let us know and get a quote so that we are all on the same page. 

How do revisions work?

As each particular stage of the video production process is finished, we will review it with you to see what your feedback is and we will make sure to revise it to meet your needs and preferences. Then when you are fully satisfied, we will move on to the next stage. 

What if I really like your video services and want to tell my friends?

If you successfully refer another person to use our services, we will say thanks by offering you a coupon for $100 off your next video! Just shoot us a message at info@realgoodvideos.com to let us know who you referred and we will happily send you the coupon 🙂 

What is the payment process like?

If you choose to buy a Done-For-You video package from our website, it is super easy and you will just pay for it directly from our online store with a credit or debit card. If you choose to get a quote for a customized video, we will send you a contract and invoice where you will pay 50% upfront and 50% at the completion of the video via PayPal.  

Can you make a video in another language?

Sure thing! We will go ahead and write your script in English and then pass it over to an experienced translator who will change it to your language. Then, we will send it to you for approval and find a native speaker in your language to do the voice over. There will be an additional charge for this service so make sure to get in touch with us and get a quote first! 

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