Okay so you might have not heard much about interactive videos yet, but they are definitely exploding across multiple industries and with big brands this year in 2021. People are starting to take notice and implement them into their own marketing and educational strategies.. But why?

According to Mobile Marketer, interactive videos boost video viewing time by 47%, while increasing the intention to make a purchase right then and there by 9x more than a traditional linear video. According to an interactive video survey by Spiel Creative, 87% of businesses that implemented interactive videos into their marketing and sales efforts noticed growth in sales revenue while 86% of businesses decided to create more interactive videos because of this kind of success.

Okay so the stats speak for themselves and obviously something is going on here with interactive videos. So how can your business use interactive videos in a way that will be worth the investment?

Interactive videos can really have an endless amount of ways that you can use and implement them into any niche. Creativity is key, as well as a well thought out and formulated plan. Here are some of the most popular ways to use interactive videos:

~ increasing online sales

~ recruitment, training and education

~ product demos

~ showcasing your e-commerce shop

~ vlogs with product recommendations by affiliate marketers

~ local business tours (such as hotels, restaurants, real estate properties and gyms)

These are just a few… Today I would like to dive a little deeper into how interactive videos can dramatically increase your online sales.

Companies like Ted Bakers have used interactive videos to allow their customers to shop directly from the video by choosing which clothes they like best as they see the models wearing them. Retail companies can use trendy and attractive footage of their models and apparel that inspire customers to buy in a more effective way than a stagnant online shop with simple photos and text.

Here are some tips on how to increase your sales dramatically with interactive videos:

  1. Tell your story: Inspire and engage your viewers by telling your company story with video in a way that impacts them to buy while feeling connected with your brand
  2. Offer convenient ways to purchase: While your viewers are already engaging in your video, you can make it easy for them to purchase by providing buttons to the products directly on the products while they are being shown in the video. You can also offer a limited time discount for viewing the video or highlight that only a few products are remaining in stock.
  3. Address any objections: You don’t want your viewers to have unsettled objections that they overthink after the video is over. Give them the confidence they need to buy your products by addressing any common objections right away while offering clear solutions.
  4. Capture Leads: You viewers might not all buy products right from the video and that is okay. Make sure to include an option for them to sign up to your email list by offering a free gift if they do so. Then you can continue to follow up with them in the future and get more sales later on as you build that relationship.How can your business use interactive videos to increase online sales?