So you’ve got a product or service and you want people to see it. You want them to experience it and feel compelled to take action. You want them to really understand the value and to feel the need to buy it. How exactly can you do this in a powerful and engaging way using video marketing?

In today’s world of digital marketing, there are lots of ways to showcase and promote different products and services to a pretty broad audience. Your customers write reviews, share testimonials, you can put up some flashy ads or post a normal video about it.

What if you want your ideal audience to demo the product? We all know that people want to try it out, and if they are not in a physical store then it can be difficult to do so. People want their

questions to be answered and they want to see how the product works and if it will be useful for them.

Interactive videos can be a much more immersive way to have your potential customers see and demo your product. You can cover the different features and uses of the product and how it will help them through a viewing experience that can be unique for them. So what can you do to really nail your interactive demo video?

  1. Keep it simple and interactive:

Don’t talk too much or try to explain too much. Focus on getting your viewers engaged and interacting with your products as much as possible. The more they interact, the more compelled they will feel to buy it!

  1. Create feature based content:

With the ability to lead your viewers down different paths, you can really dive deep into the features of the products. You can ask them what kind of features are most important to them, and then lead them to products that cover it. You can showcase the most important features together and place interactive hotspots on them so that they can click to learn more or buy those particular products right away.

  1. Highlight benefits of the products:

You can ask your viewers what kind of things they are looking for in a product. Then you can highlight the benefits of such product in a way that they can see how it provides that benefit in a trusting way. By asking them what is important to them, and then following it up with a clear demonstration of how your product provides that, you’ll be guaranteed a sale.

  1. Generate Emotion:

People always love when they really feel for a product or company and resonate with it strongly. Videos can make people feel more emotions and connection to whatever it is that they are watching. So try making your interactive demo video involve things that stir their emotions such as: humor, surprise, cuteness or even some heartfelt inspiration!

  1. Have creative CTA’s:

Instead of saying something boring like “buy now,” you can involve your CTA in the story and ask things in a more creative way. For example, while they are having fun watching videos of how your cutting edge snowboard rides on the mountain, you can ask them what is their favorite place to go snowboarding while offering a lead magnet or coupon in exchange for their contact info.

Demoing your product online doesn’t have to be boring and non-engaging. You don’t have to rely on simple photos, diagrams, linear videos or reviews/testimonials for people to see your product and decide whether they want to buy it or not. Try offering a demo through an interactive video and see how your viewers have fun being immersed in the experience of trying out your product from different angles!