With interactive videos, you have something very unique which is the fact that your viewers are actually participating in the video experience. The reason that this can be so powerful is that they are actively engaging which makes them start to feel more of a connection with your brand and what it is that you are sharing with them. They aren’t just watching some

generic video and dazing off, but they are instead creating their own video experience and getting curious about what comes next.

The benefits of interactive videos are really quite limitless, however these are my top 3 favorites and how they work!

  1. 380% Increased Clicks on CTA’s (call to actions):

Now I know this sounds absolutely crazy but it’s true and it works! With interactive videos, people are already used to clicking buttons on the videos depending on how you prompt them and what you ask them. So then whenever you add in a CTA, like asking them to subscribe to your email list or to like your Instagram page, they are already used to following your prompts positively while clicking on the video. Some really smart interactive videos will even offer some kind of a reward if the viewer engages in the simple CTA. Plus the CTA is conveniently located right on the video, so they don’t need to click a link and go somewhere else in order to engage.

  1. 42% – 83% Higher Conversions:

Now I know this is a pretty wide range, however all across the board interactive videos definitely increase conversions in whatever it is that you are trying to pitch or offer. How much they increase conversions is dependent on how the video is crafted; which CTA’s are in place, what it is that you are offering and how good that offer is, plus how well you target the video to speak to your audience’s true needs and desires. And as we said in the last point, people are more inclined to take an action or make a purchase when it is easily accessible to them- like right inside of the video that they are currently watching and enjoying

  1. 50% Less Customer Acquisition Cost:

I know that you can spend a lot of money on generating leads and driving traffic for your business. You could be using expensive lead generators and putting targeted ads right in front of them, but you still need to do this for more and more people to get their attention, plus it can really rack up your businesses spending money. Now think about just having a video that can easily bring in customers without having to spend much money on getting them. All you have to do is buy the video once and you can use it for years on different channels and platforms while getting customer’s more successfully than these other methods. Videos can be used in so many ways as they are easily shareable, attractive on ads and intriguing via sales funnels and email campaigns. At the end of the day, you are spending less money and less time using your interactive videos while customers are coming in even more.

So which one of these particular benefits could your company use at the moment?