Do you remember being in school and staring at the white board in math class, while desperately trying to figure out what that mind-numbing monster was? How many times

have you been in this situation? And how many times did you end up figuring out that beast?

Market research has shown that in 98% of cases, trying to explain hard concepts visually helps students comprehend the idea and its complexity much better than simply talking about it. And this is the idea that explainer videos follow.

Going back to our teacher and white board example, who do you think benefits the most from this information? Any reasonable person would say the students because they are able to finally learn something. But who else benefits? The one giving the information, the teacher!

There’s nothing that a teacher loves more than to feel understood and listened to. It’s a similar concept when it comes to businesses and marketing to their audiences. A company wants their vision and ideas to be heard, understood, and for people to feel inspired to take action.

Any industry that has a product to sell, even if it includes a difficult to understand concept, is a perfect candidate for an explainer video. That may be just about anyone, tech companies, healthcare providers, you name it. Chances are that if you need to teach your audience something, you could benefit from showing them instead of only telling them.

If you find yourself having to portray something that is not tangible, or happens “behind the scenes”, for instance an automated marketing software, you would want to create a visual flow to conceptualize how it works and why it is important, so that people really want to buy it.

If you are in IT and you work with clients that have little to no knowledge about what you do and how you do it, simply clearing things up with the help of a video will leave no chance for misunderstandings. Now you can ease your workflow while saving time from having to explain the same concept over and over again.

And last but not least any kind of educational company, with students as the potential customer, can also greatly benefit from explainer videos because video does such a great job at teaching with its sweet combination of visual and auditory stimulus. And when your students really understand something, it’ll peak their interest.

When was the last time you had to teach someone something? Would video help you convey your point more easily?