Currently, you have anywhere between 10 to 15 seconds to convince a potential customer that they should pay attention to your brand. Within this timeframe, you also need to explain who your company is, what you do, why you do it and what you have to offer, which is no easy feat. This is what explainer videos are all about.

You have a limited timeframe to captivate someone’s attention. If you miss it, you’ve just lost a client. Explainer videos are all about mixing the right amount of clear details with the right amount of intrigue, adding in a couple cups of branding, a tablespoon of product placement and lots of your desired identity on the top. But what is the effect of this recipe? Does this apply to every niche? Let us take a look and see why explainer videos are important for you and your brand:

  1.     Tell your story: Animated explainer videos are especially great for conveying abstract ideas or explaining a brand that provides services that are not tangible, such as: technology, health care services, finances or the latest, unique mobile app. Different types of animation will reach people in different ways, which is why it’s so important that what you chose completely aligns with your brand.
  2.     Being relatable: Having potential customers relate to you will make them side with your brand, rather than just buy your product once and forget about you. If their values align with the ones of your company and its ambassadors, you will haveyourself someone with a lifetime loyalty that goes far beyond any one-off buyer. Relatability can be achieved through videos that reach out and connect to the audience in a way that they feel comfortable and understood, while creating that long-lasting impression.
    1.     Being memorable: Leaving a mark on someone through an image is one of the most powerful tools that explainer videos can use to impress. The more unique, the better, and the more you will stand out as a brand. You know how you can still recall ads or jingles from your childhood? Exactly, this is what you can achieve if you do it right.
    2.     Emotional response: No matter the type of explainer video, it will trigger a response in the person watching it. If you manage to captivate in the first 15 seconds, it will be because you successfully wow-ed your audience through evoking some kind of memory or emotion, while helping them make a strong enough connection to really leave a mark.

    This is the power of mastering explainer videos and having them implemented into your company’s image.

    Has your company used an explainer video?