Imagine having to advertise your tech company through newspaper ads and brochures. Do you think that it would make much of an impact on your consumers? And now think about using video marketing, explainer videos in particular. How do they differ?

Let’s take a look at a few of the major differences between traditional and video marketing:

  1. Targeted Audience: While traditional marketing has a big outreach in general, it is not nearly as specific. Your target audience would be readers of xyz magazine or newspaper, but they likely won’t have anything to do with, say, the tech industry for example. With video marketing, only the people that are interested in a particular industry or topic will come across your video content depending on where they hangout online. It’s the people who are already following companies like yours who see shares and posts of your videos, and then respond positively and want to take action. Traditional marketing hits a broader audience while video marketing can be more easily niched out by speaking to a particular audience and making itself visible in those particular channels.
  2. Track Your Engagement and Views: If you do traditional marketing, chances are that you may get a couple of leads here or there for the services you advertise, but you will not be able to tell how many people have seen your ad. Video advertising, on the other hand, provides not only statistics on how many people signed up or contacted you, but also how many potential clients saw your video and for how long. This then tells you if your marketing strategy is working, or if you need to change it. Impressions and engagement are very important!
  3. Personalization: It should come as no surprise to you when we say that video marketing is way more personal than traditional marketing. When people watch a video, they feel much more connected with the company and the brand as they see who they are, what they are doing and often feel more inclined to be a part of it. Video marketing directly speaks to your audience while establishing more of a connection and understanding with your brand. Watching a video makes a greater impact and leaves a lasting impression, much more so than reading a newspaper ad.
  4. Visually Appealing: It is very important today to have a strong visual identity because the way that your consumers see you will have a great impact on their impression to either engage with your company or not. You want to appear professional and you also want to attract and allure your audience to whatever it is that you are offering. Traditional text doesn’t have much visual appeal at all. Video on the other hand, can portray a powerful message by allowing your viewers to see the story play out with characters, voice and illustration in a way that they feel compelled to be a part of it. 
    What is your favorite benefit of video marketing over traditional marketing?