Best Practices for Repurposing Video Content Across Social Media ✨

Here’s how we’ve been helping our clients repurpose their video content across platforms for maximum reach and engagement:

🌟Start off with a longer piece of video content –

First, we begin by giving them an outline for the video which includes the hook, intro, main content and closing / transition with call-to-action.

Then they create their rough draft version of the video not worrying about any mess-ups, just sharing their information and insights in the most natural way for them.

🌟They’ll send us the video for editing where we’ll cut out the pauses, filler words, mess ups, repetitive statements and add in background music, transitions, motion graphics, animated text and subtitles to make it more fun and engaging to watch, as well as enhancing the sound and lighting.

🌟We’ll keep the longer version of the video to be used as either a normal YouTube video or even a video podcast if it is a full length talk or interview.

🌟Then we’ll find the ideal format of this content for each social media platform

⚡We’ll create 1 minute reels for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube shorts using the most impactful moments of the video and making it fast paced with easy to digest quick nuggets of information

⚡We’ll either post the full video on LinkedIn OR transcribe it and re-write it into an article to post on LinkedIn. We use a combination of AI to get the article outline started and then add our own creative finesse and details to it.

⚡Then create a small tweet with the most important takeaways / highlights from the video

⚡Use the article that we wrote previously as a blog while adding in further details and SEO keywords

⚡Make that article more brief and conversational and use it as an email newsletter which can link back to the blog or even the YouTube video

⚡Create eye-catching carousals for Instagram using some of the key points from the video

And that’s it! Sounds like a lot of work but by working smartly, leveraging AI and using a system that has allowed us to streamline the entire process, it’s not so bad and we can use this workflow to post content on a daily basis 👏

Need help with creating or repurposing your video content? Schedule a free call with us today to learn more about how this process can work for your unique brand.