Any kind of business right now can leverage videos to grow their brand and increase their revenue. The trick – the video hook has to be good for people to keep watching that video.

We live in a world where people’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter. And it is essential to grab that attention if you want people to actually watch your videos and buy your stuff. 

In this article I’ll reveal the Top 10 Video Hooks that you can start using today for your own videos in order to get your audience’s attention and keep it. 

  1. Call out your audience specifically:

When someone hears that this video is just for them, they will be more inclined to watch. Call out exactly who it is that should be watching the video and why. Most video sales letters start like this to make sure that their target audience is paying attention.

2. Talk about their big struggle and offer a solution

If right out of the gate you are able to speak to their deepest, darkest problem in life right now, they will be interested in watching your video, especially when you are presenting a way to get rid of that problem. 

3. Give a shocking statement

In relation to whatever you want to share in your video, come up with a shocking statement that really gets the viewer intrigued with what it is that you have to say. Ask them “did they know” ….. And present an uncommon fact that is either surprising or fascinating. 

4. Hypothetical statements

Start your video with the big “what if” statement. Take them down a dreamy journey of the mind and what kind of things could be happening in their reality. This is effective because it instantly gets people engaged and thinking about something differently, and hopefully about something that they are really desiring in life. 

5. Give a surprise

We all love surprises and usually get shocked or woken up when something surprises us. Find a way to interrupt the pattern and instantly begin your video with something that surprises your viewers. This could be a statement, or something that you are showing, or even something hidden in a box waiting to be revealed.

6. Use unusual actions

Many videos today start off with someone just sitting or walking, and looking at the camera. Think of a powerful pattern interrupt in order to catch their attention. Make your video have something different happening. This can happen with some sort of unusual action. Maybe you are jumping in from the side, moving your arm, holding something in your hand, looking through a tunnel. This should be simple but not what you would typically be showing when starting off a video. 

7. Get straight to the point

If you can start off your video with a bang by getting directly into the meat of the content your viewers will thank you for it. No need for long and drawn out introductions. Just hop right into your video with the most important thing that your audience needs to hear right now. 

8. Crack a joke

Everyone loves a good laugh so why not start off your video with something funny that instantly gets your audience engaged and in a happy mood to continue watching the rest of your video. 

9. Ask the viewer something

Try to think of a provocative question that really intrigues your audience and gets them thinking in a positive way. This is an engaging way to get your audience interested in your content and involved with how it relates to them. You can also ask them to do something in order to get them physically engaged into your video right away. 

10. Introduce a powerful story

People love stories and if you can start off your video with the introduction of a powerful story, people will instantly get drawn in and want to keep listening for more. 

If you can implement any of these video hooks into your videos, you will already be ahead of your competition. People see too much content each and every day and it is essential that you cut through the noise and find a way to get people’s attention and keep it if you want to be successful with your video marketing strategies. 

Make sure to be yourself and be passionate when you are creating videos, especially if you are a personal brand. It is important to put in a lot of energy into those videos in order to make it shine. Remember subtle things as well like captions, lighting and effects to make your videos that much better. 

If you need any help with developing a video marketing strategy, creating killer video content or just editing and polishing up what you’ve already got; we’ve got your back. Schedule a call with our team at Real Good Videos and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction 🙂