Upgrade Your Marketing Strategy With These Trending Short-Form Video Styles

Digital marketing content comes in many forms, but in recent years, one type of content has taken over the industry—short-form videos. These brief videos are the perfect tool for catching the attention of potential customers, and they can also help you to turn leads into conversions.

When asked, 96% of consumers shared that they prefer to watch short-form videos when exploring new products and services. Your customers love these videos, and you can make sure they enjoy your content by creating videos using these trending styles!

Explainer Videos

Viewers love getting an inside look into how certain processes work, which has led to the success of shows like How It’s Made. However, in the social media age, this is one trend that is also incredibly useful when marketing your business.

In explainer videos, businesses will provide a quick crash course into a specific topic. The majority of these videos highlight the company itself, a specific product, or a type of service. Explainer videos break down relevant details on these topics and explain them in a way that anyone can understand.

The best part? They let you highlight what makes your products and services so great!

Explainer Video Example


Customer Content Videos

The social media age has brought us all together, allowing us to connect with people we never could have engaged with before. When you create digital content, you can directly connect with your audience, and customer content videos are made from that enhanced level of connection.

Designing content by placing a spotlight on your audience can be fun, generate engagement, and help to foster a sense of community—all while building trust. By sharing positive reviews or content generated by fans (this is called user-generated content), you can show off how much people love your brand.

Customer Content Video Example


DIY Videos

There is no overlooking the massive increase in creativity that is sweeping through the world. With access to online content, more people are exploring creative mediums and hobbies that they might not have considered otherwise. These days, people love learning new skills, which is why DIY videos are so popular.

With DIY videos, you can invite people into how to create something. From building a schedule for your team to making the products your customers love, these videos offer an inside look that people just can’t get enough of. Think of every DIY video as a chance to inspire!

DIY Video Example


Educational Videos

We have never had more access to new and relevant information. To absorb it all, we need fast and easy ways to learn it. If you want to highlight your expertise and build trust, creating educational content is a great place to start!

Educational videos are perfect for creating understanding and bringing value to your audience. It allows you to show your industry knowledge, catch the interest of viewers, and show that you understand what your audience is interested in too. Focus on topics that your audience wants to know about, and always be sure to use high-quality sources for research!

Educational Video Example


Influencer Marketing Videos

Celebrity culture held the stage for a very long time, but the modern audience is even more interested in relatable creators. Influencers have completely redefined how most businesses approach digital marketing by creating a direct pipeline right to customers.

For influencer marketing videos, companies pair with an influencer who has a relevant audience in order to get their products or services in front of them. You can choose a popular hiking influencer for your new line of hiking boots or pair up with a pet account for your growing line of dog toys. Influencers exist in every niche and allow you to give potential customers an honest look at what you offer. These creators are making it possible for businesses to connect with their audience through voices they already trust.

Influencer Marketing Video Example


Looking for Help Turning Short-Form Videos Into Leads?

Short-form videos are taking over social media and marketing strategies in every major industry. At Real Good Videos, we pride ourselves on being a video agency that supports our customers and their creative visions. One video at a time, we help you generate sales and improve brand awareness.

If you are interested in learning more about how short-form video content can fit into your marketing strategy, explore our services and connect with our team today. We have years of experience in creating high-quality video content and can help you get started!