The Ultimate Explainer Video Script Writing Guide

Companies constantly need to find creative ways to get their message out there. Stories sell more effectively than information and a stand-out brand will always be able to draw in more customers than the competition. 

When looking for the best ways to market your products and educate your audience about who you are, what you stand for, and why that matters – video is the best medium to accomplish this. 

And it all starts with your messaging, how you express yourself and explain your story and value. This is the script. 

A script can make or break your video depending on how you craft it so in this short guide I’ll highlight the important steps for creating a successful video script that’ll inspire your audience to take action. 

STEP 1: The Hook 

The first few seconds of your video is crucial because this is how you will hook your audience into continuing to watch the rest. 

Start off with something that calls out your audience so that they know this video is for them. 

Bring in an element of shock or intrigue, some kind of statement that gets them thinking about things in their current situation and what might be going wrong. 

STEP 2: Introduce The Problem

People tend to act from a place of moving away from pain and more towards pleasure. People have problems keeping them up at night and they want to find a solution. That’s why it is always important to introduce the most common problem in the beginning in order to capture those people who are struggling and looking for a way out. 

STEP 3: Introduce Who You Are At A High Level 

It is important to introduce your brand before you go into your solutions and features because people want to know who this video is about. When you introduce yourself early, people will catch it and remember this more easily. Again, leave some element of intrigue and wonder, don’t tell everything yet. Get your audience thinking more about who you really are and how you can make a difference in their life.  

STEP 4: Your Story 

What is your WHY? Why are you doing what it is that you are doing and what kind of an impact is this making? All brands start with a why and that turns into their unique story. Include a more condensed version of your story in this explainer video and take people on a journey to discover more about the people behind the logo. 

STEP 5: Your Solution 

Now is the most important time to introduce your solution in a way that really captures your audience’s attention. This solution needs to WOW your audience in a way that they feel like this is exactly what they have been looking for all along. This solution needs to be clearly stated in a way that people understand the value immediately and also notice that this is different from what they have heard before. 

STEP 6: Features / Benefits

Next, we can touch on some of the highlights of your solution. Your solution is one main thing but in addition to that, there are multiple benefits that come hand in hand with an array of features that your product or service has. When explaining these features, you want them to be relatable. That’s why you must include HOW these features will truly benefit your audience’s life and business. 

STEP 7: Next Steps

Now that we have covered mostly everything, it is important to close up the video in a way that directs people to their next steps and also creates a bit of an open loop where they are wanting more and feeling compelled to take action because of how you position yourself as their hero to the rescue. You don’t want people to simply watch the video and then do nothing. It needs to be super clear what they should do next AND they need to feel like they are going to get a TON of value by taking those next steps. You need to get them off the couch and ready to go. 

If you follow this exact framework to write up your explainer video scripts, you will surely generate better results than your competition. Most brands are still following a pretty basic format of telling, telling, telling without truly connecting with their audience in a unique and value based way. Create your video in a way that stands out, gets your audience to feel inspired and motivated and use this valuable asset in a way that you can exponentially grow your business. 

Feel free to let me know if you need any help with writing your own explainer video scripts or if you have any questions about this and thanks for taking the time to go over this guide!